My name is Aliesha and I work for Central Coast Council in our community development sector. I am currently working on a community development project in the area of homelessness. Council is collating information for an Emergency Food Services card for the Southern part of the Central Coast.

This card has been extremely successful in the Northern end of the Coast and we disseminate it to over 100 services such as libraries, Centrelink offices, drop in centres, rangers, doctor surgeries and many more. Thousands of cards are distributed each year providing information on emergency services such as food hampers, vouchers, free meals and more. The card has proved to be a great resource for those in crises and as a planning tool for service providers.

I have attached a copy of the Northern Emergency Food Services card in case you’re not familiar with it and to give you an idea of how the southern one will look. Please click here to see card.

The card has been a great success and we look forward to discovering what is on offer in the south. The card is in high demand in the north so if your organisation is interested in being a part of this fantastic resource for the southern end of the Central Coast submit your EOI here.