Stories of women who have experienced domestic violence

Expressions of interest are sought from a local organisation engaged in the domestic violence field who would be interested in implementing a media project to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence and of the work of available support services.

Interested organisations should submit an application to the Advocacy Committee of the Central Coast Domestic Violence Committee by Friday 17 February, to Applications will be reviewed in the week following and the successful organisation contacted by Friday 24 February.

The successful organisation will have the following attributes:

  • Be locally based
  • Be experienced and engaged in the issue of domestic violence
  • Have a staff member available to begin the project on 1 March 2017
  • Be able to present a realistic project plan including a timeframe for implementation of the project, to be implemented by 30 April 2017
  • Be able to implement the project within the budget constraint and be able to present a realistic budget plan for this
  • Have or be able to develop contacts with local media to publish the stories
  • Be available to meet regularly with the coordinating group, the Advocacy Committee
  • Have appropriate understanding of the trauma experienced by domestic violence survivors

The Terms of Reference for the project are as follows.

Project aim

  1. To raise awareness in the local community of the impact on domestic violence on women, children and families
  2. To raise awareness in the local community of the important work that local services do in assisting women in domestic violence.

Raising awareness will contribute to reducing the incidence of domestic violence over the longer term.

This project is part of the Advocacy Strategy of the Central Coast Domestic Violence Committee (CCDVC).

Project outline

  • Engage a local organisation to identify and interview women who have been through (and are no longer in) domestic violence
  • Focus is on the woman’s story and what helped to support them, including support and assistance from local services
  • Aim of 10 women to be interviewed
  • All consent requirements to be implemented
  • Stories to be aired/published in the following media:
  • ABC Local Radio
  • Local newspapers i.e. Express Advocate, Coast Community News
  • Websites and social media pages of local organisations.

Project evaluation

Success of the project will be determined by feedback from listeners on radio, readers of local newspapers and social media reach – measured by visits to sites and posts and comments gathered.

The CCDVC Advocacy Sub-Committee will monitor the implementation of the project and the organisation that implements the project will report to the Committee regularly regarding its implementation. Meeting dates to be determined.

Timeframe for implementation

1 March to 30 April 2017



Project implementation

The implementing organisation will be required to provide a project plan, proposed budget and evaluation strategy to the CCDVC Advocacy Committee.