Connect & Collaborate

What is Connect & Collaborate?

Connect & Collaborate is an online platform hosted by Central Coast Community Council. It’s a new way for Central Coast based community service workers to come together to share information and collaborate in a digital space. Think of it as a social media platform that is specifically for the Central Coast community service sector.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to navigate the Community Services Sector or thought “where do I start?”. Would you like to connect with other workers online? If you answered ‘yes’, Connect & Collaborate is for you.

Connect & Collaborate makes it easy for Community Service Workers to connect in a centralised private online space and make referral pathways more visible. It is a way of conveniently storing and sharing information and resources between interagency meetings (which are often weeks or months apart). It has also been designed to reduce the number of emails sent to inform other workers about services and programs. Less emails = clear inbox!

 Members can also take advantage of the calendar feature. Upload your events, groups and programmes into the centralised calendar hosted on the Community Council website.

Connect & Collaborate is for anyone who works in or has a connection to the Central Coast community services sector.

When an Interagency group joins the Connect & Collaborate platform, each interagency member has access to agendas, meeting notes, flyers and PowerPoint presentations uploaded by the interagency convenor. Members can then interact with each other by making posts (like on Facebook), asking questions and receiving responses.  It’s a great way for you to also easily update other workers about your new events, programs and services.

If you’re not able to visit the site frequently, you can opt to receive daily or weekly “digest” that is sent directly to your inbox so that you can see what’s been happening at a time convenient to you.   

There are a number of interagencies who have already started using the platform with others set to join in the future. Please speak with your interagency convenor to confirm.

Joining is by request only. Please email to request an account.


Connect with other support workers in your sector, provide updates on your service offerings and learn more about your sector.

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