The Central Coast Community Council (CCCC) was established in 1993 when the then Director of NCOSS, Lyn Gain, expressed concern that there was no regional organisation to disseminate information and co-ordinate area responses for service providers/groups on the Central Coast.

A public meeting was held at the Woodport Retirement Village on 23 July 1993 which was attended by community groups as well as Local, State and Federal government departments. The Central Coast community decided that there was a need for a regional body and that it would be called the Central Coast Community Council.

On 21 December 1994 the CCCC became an incorporated body. The first funding received was $10,000 through NCOSS in May 1994 which allowed us to employ a worker for 10 hours per week to provide support to the working party by assisting with administration, newsletters, membership, brochures etc. The CCCC is now funded annually through the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ) on a ‘renewable’ basis. This funding covers wages for the Regional Development Officer, Marketing Officer and administrative costs only.

We are committed to social justice principles and seek to meet the needs of community groups and other relevant local and regional organisations for resourcing and representation to enable them to improve and maintain the quality of life for the residents of the Central Coast. We work to prevent inadequacy and inequity in the delivery of services to disadvantaged communities on the Central Coast.

View the CCCC 2020-2021 annual report here

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David Mylan
David Mylan President & Treasurer
Beth Bolte
Beth Bolte Committee Member
Melissa Olsen
Melissa OlsenCommittee Member
Kerri Thurlow
Kerri ThurlowCommittee Member
Mark Howland
Mark HowlandCommittee Member


Dr Penny Newson
Dr Penny Newson Regional Development/ Executive Officer
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca SmithEvents and Marketing Officer