Donna Flood, solicitor and Community Liaison Officer from the Welfare Rights Centre will be hosting an important training session online for Central Coast based services. The training will benefit anyone working with clients who are dealing with Centrelink, and will include the pitfalls and problems they might face, and tips on how to get around them.

The session will be held on Tuesday 19 October with an introductory session from 9:30 – 11:30 am and a more in-depth session from 1:30 – 3:00pm via Zoom.

The training includes three x 20 minute sessions over the course of 2 hours with chat, questions and case studies in between.

Morning Introductory Sessions: 

Introduction to Welfare Rights and top tips and recent changes

  • A look at who we are, how we can help and how to refer your clients to us. We will also outline the recent changes that have come out of Covid and other natural disasters and give you some key tips and tricks.

Centrelink debts an introduction

  • How do Centrelink debts come about and what can you do about them. Also and most importantly, how do you avoid making the situation worse for your client!

Domestic Violence and Centrelink

  • Domestic Violence and Centrelink intersect in many ways. How can you help your clients navigate the issues and get the most out of their relationship with Centrelink.

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Afternoon in-depth training:

How to Spot a social security issue

  • Centrelink issues can be hidden behind all sort of other legal and social problems. How to look behind what your client is telling you and spot the social security issue

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